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Hiiii!! ^^

The name's Bren. I'm a 22 year old seiyuu, anime, manga, otome games, convention, neko lover! Nice to meet you all =D

Current seiyuu biases : Terashima Takuma, Shimono Hiro, Fukuyama Jun, Miyano Mamoru, Suzumura Kenichi, Suwabe Junichi, Irino Miyu, Kaji Yüki and Nakamura Yuuichi ♥

.. though you can say that Terashii completely owns my heart ~♥

About me

Clear’s singing voice reminds me so much of Toriumi Kousuke though.. please don’t tell me I’m the only one.

In case anyone is interested in a Syo Kurusu 2000% plushie, he’s currently restocked at amiami!!

AU where Mikoshiba Mikoto meets Gou

Brenbanana's selling list


Since it’s promote sunday I’d like to promote my selling list~!
I’ve recently added quite a lot of things and I’m planning to add some more in the future, so go and check it out!! (:
The july order is rather expensive for me too ^^’ so selling some things would really help me out lmao.

Please send me an ask if you’re interested in buying something!! (: